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Vacant benches on the sidewalks, a fatigued bicycle, walls, covered with barbed wire. “rn” The Ability of Style ” is a piece by Prof.

Dr. Rainer Funke on get the job done by Michael Nguyen designed on the outskirts of Munich .

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A choose on daring architectural decisions staging a one of a kind spectacle of colors and geometry in a suburban European neighbourhood. Europe » Lithuania. rn” Dystopian Fiction ” is a diary of a steampunk cosplay shootout in Panevėžys, Lithuania by Andrej Spilevoj .

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Europe » Malta. rn” Malta ” is a quick piece by Will Barnes wherever he shares his story of acquiring into film photography in the course of his current journey alongside with Contax T2. Europe » Multi-Country. rn” A Photographic Like Affair Between Siberia and Portugal ” is a collection of double-exposures by Justino Lourenço and @ yuliapaix . The pictures were being made by initially exposing the complete roll in V.

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N. Gaia, Porto (Portugal) and then taken into Siberia to be photographed on top rated of. rn” Europe’s ‘Flashing Eyes’ on Movie ” is a compilation of annotated photos from Paris, London, Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Hamburg, Rome, and Vatican City by Abhijeet Dangat .

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Europe » Portugal.

rn” At Simplicity in Abrantes ” is a properly-illustrated small piece by Ioana Lupascu about her surreal encounter in the course of a very hot day in a tiny Portuguese metropolis. rn” Porto ” is a image essay by Justino Lourenço about “the metropolis of bridges and tiles” in northern Portugal. rn” Saint Stephen Feast in Ousilhão ” is an exploration of the northern Portuguese custom that requires elaborate costumes by essaypro essay Paulo Monteiro . Europe » Romania. rn” Summertime With Ana ” is a shorter photoshoot by Crina established in Transylvania .

rn” România, Îți Dau Inima Mea ” (Romania, I Give You My Heart) is an essay and a zine by Emily Bradshaw about her favorite journey location. Europe » Russia. rn” An Immigrant Tale ” is a photograph essay with a couple of visuals from my considerably the latest vacation to Moscow . Lots of of these images are the basis for a e book that is now offered at the Analog.

Cafe store . Europe » Scotland. rn” Inchindown ” is a tale of two close friends going deep underground to photography a defunct navy storage facility in Invergorden, Scotland. Their full piece is a video characteristic (linked in the report).

This is an overview of their do the job and the photograph that they created – posted with authorization. Europe » Spain. rn” COSTA ” is a photograph essay by Seb’s on the distinctive and eerie visual realities of dwelling away from the mainland. Most of his visuals investigate islands all over Spain. Europe » Sweden. rn” Cloudy Times ” is a photograph tale by mariah. peixoto about her move to Sweden for a research-centered get the job done internship at the College of Gothenburg in March 2020 – which is about the time when the COVID-19 pandemic commenced to sweep the world.

Europe » Switzerland. rn” Once Upon a New Calendar year ” is Peter Reil ‘s recollection of a pre-pandemic excursion to the Alps with a couple good friends to capture the wondrous vistas. Europe » United Kingdom. rn” A Working day in a Life of A -” is an essay by rick davy who invested his time interviewing and photographing Cornwall locals, documenting their passions and lifestyles. rn” A Terrace in the Sky ” by Danilo Leonardi is an explorative photo essay that will acquire you on a walk close to the well-known London landmarks, their record, architectural selections, and how they have an impact on the folks inhabiting them. rn” Daydreams in Lockdown ” is a considered piece by Danilo Leonardi in which he paints the photograph of a Londoner heading by the original lockdowns in the course of the 2020 pandemic’s onset. rn” Nostalgia for an Undefined Something ” is a considered piece by Danilo Leonardi on a pre-pandemic political crisis in the Uk: Brexit. rn” These Three Streets ” is a thought piece by Alastair about dwelling with twin identities – and his disconnect with one particular of them – in London .