Simple Guidelines to Draft an Argument Essay

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Simple Guidelines to Draft an Argument Essay

Writing is easy as long as you know the information to include and structure to follow. It is also advisable to seek professional help if you are stuck. Fortunately, argument essays are also easy to draft if you follow the steps below.

  • Your topic determines how you write your essay. Do not get stuck at deciding the issue.
  • Follow the instructions
  • Choose an approach that works
  • Consider the right approach
  • Come up with a suitable thesis statement
  • Conclude powerfully
  • Revise your work

Writing the Introduction

Your introduction should be firm and catchy. It should state your stand about the topic and explain why you chose it. grademiner It is the most crucial part of your essay since it determines the scores that you will get.

Analyzing the Literature

You need to understand the books you will be using in your research. When researching, look for relevant concepts and note them down. It could be in any field, whether cultural, spiritual, or educational. When noting down the readings, make sure you note the references you will need

Writing the Body

Most essays will follow a simple outline that includes the introduction, thesis, supporting paragraphs, and conclusion. However, experts differ on how to summarize the body paragraphs. Follow the outline, and you can easily write a complicated body paragraph without straining. The main thing is to ensure that each section flows naturally to the next. Once you have a clear plan, start writing the body paragraphs.

Management essay

Every section of your essay should be properly structured and easy to follow. Analyzing the entire work will help you know how to arrange your points logically. Remember that you need to quote statistics, which may not be possible if you write using the wrong format. Provide evidence where necessary, and support your arguments with scholarly sources. Every section should manage to cover the necessary points hence giving credit to the authors.

Evaluative Paragraphs

The section concludes where you have come to a close of your argument. Your essay should be conclusive, giving facts about your points. Your essay should communicate a definite answer to the research question. The biggest problem is to convince the reader about your findings since your essay may not be convincing.


The last paragraph of your essay should be a call to action. You should make your conclusion strong because it is the last thing the reader reads. It should prompt thought in pay someone to write a paper the reader to look at how you have concluded your essay. Make it strong, unforgettable, and consequential.

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