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Should College athletes be Paid?

Laying money to sports is often considered a bad idea because most students believe it to be a gimmick. However, there are many risks of using irrelevant sources when writing. Most of them are usually steroid related. Use these sources if you cannot get a proper sample size for your essay. Your example would be a college student who is working on their steroid use. If you want to make your work look real, then it will make the reader see your mistakes. That would not only affect your body but also your career at large.

What Paybacks Does it Make?

College athletes are often paid just for their services. Apart from making a living, some of the benefits are equally accrued. Some of the popular benefits include:

  • Making your college life easier for you
  • No need to go out of your way to satisfy your academic desires
  • Excellence. all sports activities at large will always be welcomed back with due regard to the high level of professionalism that is expected.
  • Being treated with respect and respect
  • Boosts your confidence as an individual and as a team
  • Your college years will end

Most of the above are benefits that come with being a college student. However, it is best to point out that even though the perks are many, it is not always easy to achieve them. Some of the challenges that the college athletes face when it comes to professional athletics include:

Persuasive essay on why college athletes should be paid

Do you know that a college student has a hard time persuading his professors to pay him? As a student, you have to think critically about your coursework, thusly convincing the professors to give you a break for your homework. This can be done by having relevant data concerning your case such as grades, Extracurricular activities, or any other measurable indicators that an excellent college student has.

No need to be ashamed

As much as it is okay to be ashamed of yourself, it is important to remember that everyone is a fraud. Most students will often be made to feel ashamed of not being able to contend with the heavy handed tasks by their seniors. When this happens, the student needs to grow mentally and therefore be able to compete well with the rest of the students. For the sake of future generations, every student should be given the autonomy to imaginatively make his/her career. This will not only http://pfarrei-siebnen.ch/2019/06/02/what-to-expect-from-bp-oil-spill-research-paper-3/ help you psychologically but also physically. To be able to play soccer, you have to speak your mind, keep a good face, and be unafraid of anything that may bother you.

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